An example of Price Control. Photo credit: Nation Multimedia.

An example of Price Control. Photo credit: Nation Multimedia.

Constituents of North Malaita Constituency, Malaita Province are questioning the effectiveness of the current price control laws.

Reporting to SIBC, stringer John Andrew Kiri says this comes after the Ministry responsible fail to educate the people about the price control laws.

“How effective is the Price Control Law in terms of its implementation is what we are questioning. Who will come around and when will officials from the Price Control Unit be coming around to explain to people the standard sealing of all price controlled goods.”

Mr Kiri says this is a major concern as shops in the area sell basic food items at a price customers can no longer afford.

“Over here a 20 kilogram bag of rice costs 2-hundred and 20 dollars and a hundred and ten – 20 dollars for a 10 kilogram bag, so even for a half kilo packet of sugar costs 12 dollars at the moment. These prices are really affecting people in the rural communities.”

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