President of PPP Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

President of PPP Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it will create jobs in the Auluta Palm Oil Plantations plus establish a new Tuna Cannery Factory for unemployed Malaitans if given the opportunity to lead the next government.

The party says these two major projects must be implemented within the first 100 days of the Party’s leadership in order to bring about the first step of peaceful way to address the Bona Fide demands of Guadalcanal people.

The Party also plans through its decentralization Policy, to resurrect the Public Works Department which will take care of a good majority of unemployed citizens across the whole nation.

It says it will rebuild and refurbish all provincial townships with new Government buildings, clinics, schools and other infrastructure.

The PPP says it will restore and revamp the Paramilitary Force and open up opportunities for UN Foreign peacekeeping missions.

It says this policy will go a long way in helping academic dropouts, unfortunate scholars and unemployed people.

Former East Honiara MP Charles Dausabea is the President of PPP.

He is contesting the East Fataleka constituency in this year’s national elections.

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