‘Someone registered ten times’: SIEC records reveal

Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has recorded ten times as the highest a person has registered during the registration period from September 3rd to the 29th.

Chief Electoral Commissioner Mose Saitala revealed this during a very informative session organized by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce Industry for the commission to provide update about the programs leading up to the next year’s national general election.

While answering the question relating to the cross border registration, Mr Saitala confirmed a number of citizens have engaged on duplicate registration, meaning transfer to register in a number of constituencies.

He added, the highest number a person registered to transfer, was ten times in ten different constituencies.

“We have about sixty thousand duplicates meaning they registered so many times. And we have people who tried to register twice, three times, four times, five times, six times, seven times, eight times, and then we have the record one, ten times.

He explained, this is a police case now as these people are attempting to defraud the system and not respecting the law of this country.

“So our policy is that we take the last registration and this is also now almost like a police case because there is almost like an attempt to defraud the system, there is no respect for the law of the country. So we agreed we are going to detain the people who did this.”

By: Allen Waitara

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