Sir Paul Tovua. Photo credit: CSO.

Sir Paul Tovua. Photo credit: CSO.

“Political parties are key actors in Solomon Islands electoral framework, therefore, their consideration on any proposed changes to our electoral system is vital”.

These were the words of the Chairman of the Political Parties Commission Sir Paul Tovua, when he opened a conference, highlighting the importance of political parties a few days ago in Honiara.

Chairman Tovua said, the government is seriously considering various reforms to the electoral and political parties system which may see changes to the Electoral Act and the Political Parties Act.

He said, the country already has a formal system in place to provide for the registration of political parties, but it is a young system and much more needs to be done before its true impact can be realised or political parties can become strong organisations capable of supporting stable political leadership.

Mr. Tovua added, one way to achieve this is to improve the way we conduct elections.

He emphasised, whatever system we introduce must ensure our country must grow and mature politically.

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