Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

A Pastor from the Seventh Day Adventist Church appeals to all Christian churches around the country to pray for the general election this month.

Pastor Paul Kukura told SIBC News, Solomon Islands is a Christian country which spells out clearly in our National motto.

Pastor Kukura says the success of the general election will depend on the prayers of all Christians around the country.

“The success of this general election depends on Christians throughout this country if everyone can go down to their knee and pray for what will happen and the outcome of this general election.”

Pastor Kukura suggests, the eve of the election day should be a national day of prayer for God’s ordained leaders to be elected.

“I’d like to change the ‘Devil’s Night to become the “Lord’s Night” and the eve of 19th November 2014 should be the night of prayer.”

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