Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Premier Stephen Panga of Guadalcanal Province. Photo: SIBC.

Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga has accused the Province’s Speaker of biasses towards his leadership of the Province and says he must step down.

Premier Panga’s call follows last week’s motion of no confidence against his leadership, which the High Court later dismissed on technical grounds in a court injunction.

Speaking to SIBC News today, Premier Panga said he was depending on the Speaker, Abel Arabola, and his Office to be neutral and find solutions to the political situation but this did not happen.

“Because of the Speaker’s bias actions do we continue to experience this political impasse. In the same manner because he doesn’t know how to handle certain issues instead of remaining neutral to both sides means that he’s not fit to hold the post and for that I am calling on him to step down.”

SIBC News understands Premier Stephen Panga gave the letter to the Speaker on Saturday.

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