President of SINCW Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: IWDA.

President of SINCW Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: IWDA.

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women has appealed to the public to remain calm while the nation is waiting for the election results.

In a statement today, President, Ella Kauhue also says the days ahead are quite fundamental to the stability of this nation and the police needs to remain alert.

Ms Kauhue also echoed sentiments expressed by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, saying celebration of winning candidates should not be one of provocation, but of thanksgiving.

She said winning candidates should thank supporters for placing their trust in them.

The National Council of Women President also said the consumption of alcohol needs to be banned and people must act responsibly.

She says this is an opportunity for people to show to other countries that peace and stability can be maintained at all times regardless of whether their candidate wins or not.

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