Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit:

The newly elected Premier of Makira Ulawa Province Honourable Stanley Siapu has announced the key priority of his new Provincial Government.

Speaking to SIBC’s Distaem Nao Program this morning, Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier Stanley Siapu said his priority now is to formulate his government development policy.

Premier Siapu says this is a crucial policy document for his provincial government.

“The immediate priority that we will be looking at is the policy formulation of my government and we are looking forward to finalise that, which will be the baseline for us to use to set up a framework according to which we will be working.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Siupu says his executive will review the management system of the province to enable his new government to successfully implement its development policies for Makira Ulawa Province.

“We will also be looking at reviewing, reforming and restructuring the whole administration and the management machinary of the provinces since without a well-organised administration our policies will not be properly implemented according to the government’s preference.”

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