Handcuffs. Photo credit:

Handcuffs. Photo credit:

Police in Kirakira have arrested six people in relation to an arson incident at Maro’u Bay in Ugi, Makira Ulawa province.

The arson occurred last Wednesday night during heated arguments between two parties who claimed ownership of land at Maro’u Bay.

Kirakira Provincial Police Commander Richard Hane confirmed to SIBC News in an interview today, his officers apprehended the suspects last Thursday.

He said the suspects had set fire to a shed containing valuable properties.

“What happened is that they went over to the other village and through their frustration and anger they set on fire a shed containing some valuable properties like a fibreglass canoe and some copra stored in the shed. Everything was burned to ashes.”

Meanwhile, the Provincial Police Commander for Makira Ulawa Province has reminded people, there are peaceful avenues to resolve such issues.

“What I would like to say here is to remind our people that there are avenues to sort out such issues. We just cannot do things without consultation or communication between the parties involved.”

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