Joyce Konofilia Maetoloa. Photo credit: epld2.

Joyce Konofilia Maetoloa. Photo credit: epld2.

The 2016 Solomon Games in Rennell and Bellona Province is an opportunity to showcase Solomon Islands cultures, according to the Renbell Local Organising Committee.

Committee Chairlady, Joyce Konofilia said the 2016 Solomon Games is an opportunity for the provinces to showcase their various but unique cultures.

“We have a lot to offer in terms of culture, just our people, so this sports thing is just one of the components of promoting our islands. You will appreciate that even some people in the country have never been to Rennell and Bellona in their lives, so we are going to use this opportunity to showcase our culture and people, at the same time we have the games, so we are looking at having a cultural week or performances as well.”

Mrs Konofilia said the Committee is looking forward to seeing different cultures along with the sporting event in 2016.

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