Marovo carvers travel to Port Villa


A carver from Marovo, Western Province.

About two hundred male and female Marovo carvers and weavers are on their way onboard MV Fair Lady to Port Villa, Vanuatu, to showcase and sell their products.

This was made possible through the network of the sister city relationship Honiara City Council and Port Villa Municipal Authority.

City Clerk Charles Kelly said through a request from the group and with the Mayor Andrew Mua’s directive to accept, the trip was made for them to extend the relationship through trade and culture.

Mr Kelly said the trip will also be a time where Vanuatu’s carvers and weavers will have dialogue plus an interexchange program with the Solomon carvers and weavers.

He added upon their arrival, the Port Villa Municipal Authority will help them to display their products.

The Team departed Honiara Saturday night and will arrive in Port Villa on Tuesday morning.

They will spend three days showcasing and selling their products and will return to the country on Friday 2nd of November.

The Mayor, City Clerk and some of the group officials will fly to Port Villa today to receive the team when they arrive.

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