347.5 M of shipping grants disbursed since 2013


Ships berthing at Point Cruz wharf.

A total of 347.5 million Solomon Dollars have been disbursed under the name of shipping grant, since the policy to improve transport services in the country was first introduced in 2013.

The caretaker Minister for Infrastructure Development and Former Member of Parliament for East Kwaio, Stanley Sofu disclosed.

In his debate a day before the 10th Parliament was dissolved, Mr. Sofu explained, the funds disbursed were to constituencies, individuals and private businesses.

He said records have shown that the highest figure disbursed was in 2017, a total of 196.9 million Solomon Dollars.

“I think because it is very good and does a very good work it’s very high, the program. The constituencies are 43 and the individuals and private are 12.

“And the total amount the government used that time is one hundred and nine million.

Received by 13 constituencies and 22 private businesses and individuals, 2016 was runner up with a total of 77 million.

The year with the lowest record was 2014- only six million dollars received by two constituencies.

Meanwhile, Mr Sofu said on 2013 the private businesses and individuals who were awarded grants had not retired their funds.

“In 2013, nine constituencies benefited from this shipping grant when it was first introduced. And 15 private sectors and individuals Mr Speaker they point to us national parliament members.

“But they do not know this side Mr Speaker and the requirement is that both individuals, private sector and constituency, they need to give the report to the constituency.

“Sir i thank the members of parliament , they gave a report, but not the private sectors.”

By: Allen Waitara 

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