Honiara tops HIV statistics


Honiara’s City Center

Honiara tops the list of people currently living with HIV, according to the Sexually Transmitted Infections Department of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

There are six people recorded in Honiara.

Western Province is second with three people, followed by Guadalcanal with two.

Malaita and Temotu province have one person each living with HIV.

Director of the STI Department Dr Jackson Rakei emphasized that the testing rate for Solomon Islands is very low.

He said it is imperative for people to come forward for testing and know their status.

Dr Rakei explained, when patients receive and strictly maintain their treatment, the virus becomes 99 percent suppressed.

“Good adherence to treatment can lower the virus in your body to a level that if you are positive with HIV and you have sex, unprotected sex with someone who is not positive you can not transmit the disease to them. It’s because you’re virally suppressed.

“The third 90, those who are on treatment are virally suppressed.”

The statistics were revealed during this year’s World Aids Day.



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