380 vehicles checked; 22 arrested during traffic operation


Police have checked 380 vehicles during a traffic operation over the weekend.

The operation is part of the preparation for the Pacific Games.

Honiara City Police provide support during operation

 Director National Traffic Department Superintendent William Foufaka said 22 vehicles were checked while 21 suspects were arrested during the operation.

 Director Foufaka said 10 suspects were arrested for the presence of alcohol in their blood while 11 suspects were arrested for driving unlicensed motor vehicles and one suspect for driving without a valid driver’s license.

 Mr Foufaka said the aim of this operation is to give a message to all living in Honiara to be aware that police are stepping up with their policing to deal with anti-social behaviours.

Traffic Officer conducting RBT during the operation

 He appeals to those drinking in public places, driving unlicensed motor vehicles, unlicensed drivers and drunk drivers and road users to respect the rule of law. 

He warns, zero tolerance traffic enforcement operations will continue leading up to the games.

 “If you drive please do not drink beer. If you are thinking of having beers please go to the right place and find public transport to drop you off at home safely,” he said.

 Honiara city police are also part of the operation by providing high visibility at different locations in the center of Honiara.

 The drivers were charged and will appear before the Honiara Magistrates’ Court on a later date.


Police media


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