Opposition Leader Hon. Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Office of the Opposition.

Opposition Leader Hon. Jeremiah Manele. Photo credit: Office of the Opposition.

The Parliamentary Opposition is calling on the Prime Minister to explain to the taxpayers of this country the need to have 39 political appointees.

Leader of Opposition Jeremiah Manele said in a statement today, the Prime Minister needs to justify the roles and responsibilities of each political appointee and how much it will cost taxpayers of the country.

He says the appointment of 39 political appointees is an increase of 200% compared to the previous government which only had 14 political appointees.

Mr Manele says while he acknowledged that the Government has the right to appoint and recruit its officers, the list recently published was ‘shocking’ and ‘unjustified’ as it is the highest number of political appointees in the history of any government in the country.

He says the government has to justify whether it is necessary to have 39 political appointees at about $12 million per annum for taxpayers in the country.

The Opposition Leader said this is political expediency at the expense of essential services to the people of Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader described the appointments as a direct slap in the face of Solomon Islanders and a mockery of the Prime Minister’s promise to restore efficient use of public financial resources and addressing the ailing economy.

Mr. Manele said it is obvious the DCC Government is only concerned about the interest of its political supporters.

He said some of the names on the list are failed candidates in the last election, failed business owners and some who have had very little experience in the public service.

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