50 houses at Mamara only for public servants: Mesepitu

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labor and Immigration Riley Mesepitu has clarified that the 50 houses under the Mamara Tasivarongo Housing Scheme are for public servants only.

Mamara Housing Estate

Mr. Mesepitu made the clarification to SIBC News during a press conference recently when asked about concerns raised by the public that some members of Parliament have occupied houses at Mamara.

He said the 50 houses are purposely purchased for public servants by the government and there are other houses being built near the same area which can be bought by any interested persons.

โ€œThe 50 houses were purchased last year following phases according to the Sale and Purchase agreement signed between the Solomon Islands Government and developer, Metropolis Pacific PTE Ltd and contractor Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd.ย 

But with the houses under the housing scheme, there are also additional houses being built as the area is not owned by public service. The additional houses can be purchased by anyone who wants a house and can afford it and thatโ€™s where some Members of Parliament bought theirs, and not under the housing scheme for the public servants,โ€ he said.

Mr. Mesepitu adds the parliament members have their own arrangement with the developers and contractors which allows them to purchase the houses.

SIBC News understands the government now owns the 50 houses under the housing scheme after a 13 million down payment was made last year as first installment of the 40% payment required for transfer of land title, according to the Sales and purchase agreement signed by the government, the developer and contractor.

By Eliza Kukutu

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