Solomon Islands Port Moresby High Commission raises MSG Flag

Solomon Islands Port Moresby High Commission raises MSG Flag

Solomon Islands High Commission Office in Port Moresby is one of the first diplomatic missions of a Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) member country to fly the MSG flag. 

This historical and significant gesture comes after MSG leaders agreed back in 2013 during the 19th Summit held in Noumea for all member countries to fly the MSG flag in their capitals and missions abroad.

Director General of the MSG, Leonard Louma expressed his gratitude to Solomon Islands High Commissioner in Port Moresby, His Excellency William Soaki for his exemplary leadership in implementing the leaders’ decision. 

The Director General who paid a courtesy call on the High Commission this week commended H.E Soaki for the proactive step taken by the Solomon Islands High Commission and for setting a precedent for other member countries to follow.

HC Soaki with DG Leonard Louma and SEA Christopher Waiwori after the courtesy meeting at the Solomon Islands High Commission

During the meeting, Mr. Louma also provided an update on the important work undertaken by the MSG Secretariat since assuming his role. 

He highlighted the organization’s commitment to various initiatives aimed at fostering regional cooperation and development, and addressing key challenges faced by member countries. 

High Commissioner Soaki, in turn, congratulated Director General Louma on his effective leadership of the MSG Secretariat.

 He commended Mr. Louma for his vision and strategic initiatives that have enhanced the growing influence and relevance of the organization on the regional and international stage.

Director General Louma also presented new MSG flags to the High Commission.

The flying of the MSG flag at the Solomon Islands High Commission Office serves as a symbol of solidarity, unity, and shared aspirations among MSG member countries. 

It reaffirms the collective commitment to fostering closer ties, promoting regional integration, and advancing the well-being of the Melanesian people.

The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) is an intergovernmental organization comprising the independent Melanesian nations of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front of New Caledonia.

Established in 1986, the MSG aims to promote economic growth, sustainable development, and cultural preservation among its member states, while advocating for the collective interests of the Melanesian region.



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