The Health Minister Charles Sigoto. Photo credit: National Parliament.

The Health Minister Charles Sigoto. Photo credit: National Parliament.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Charles Sigoto has told an Israeli delegation in Geneva that Solomon Islands and Israel must revive the initiative to bring Israeli doctors to Solomon Islands.

Charles Sigoto made the statement while meeting with the delegation along the margins of the World Health Assembly.

The meeting wanted to explore how both countries could implement the health component of an agreement both countries had signed in August, 2012.

Speaking to the Israeli team, Minister Sigoto said the Solomon Islands Health Ministry believes it must remain open to drawing lessons from other health jurisdictions for its health service deliveries and administration.

Minister Sigoto said the National Referral hospital in Honiara used to have Israeli doctors in the past and the initiative must be revived.

He also told the Israeli delegation that the Solomon Islands Government would appreciate training for nurses and doctors on social insurance, management and nutrition.

Meanwhile, responding to Minister Sigoto, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Eviatar Manor says Israel would be happy to share its knowledge in health policy planning; NCD management; disaster preparedness; health financing; and diet and nutrition with Solomon Islands.

Ambassador Manor also assured Minister Sigoto that Israel will be making a formal response in areas it is ready to assist within Solomon Islands.

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