Abandoned ship in Star Harbor is reportedly causing environmental damages


A REDD+ Potential Site visit to East Makira, Star Harbour.
Photo: REDD+

Residents of Star Harbour in Makira Ulawa Province are raising concerns over the environmental damages produced by a marine vessel stranded off the shore of Namuga.

Speaking on behalf of the people, resident Chief Peter Warito said the ship MV Takana was abandoned there two years ago after experiencing mechanical fault.

Chief Warito says an environmental alarm was raised recently as the ship continuously leaked oil, contaminating the sea.

He said, they are witnessed smaller fish dying in the area and the sea changing colour.

“People complain that they looked for the katukatu fish but they have disappeared. And when the children swim in the sea they see the sea is very dirty, it is very dark.

“When you jump into the sea it looks like oil came out and onto the surface of the water. This shows a very bad contamination.

“And the two men who stay in the ship, have to bail the oil out every time into the sea.”

He added, this is the third ship to lay in ruin in the area- a big concern for the people of Star Harbour.

Chief Warito therefore called on the ministry of environment to send in a team to assess the impacts, saying it is risky for the people.

“I want to call upon the conservation people and the environment people if they can come and assess the situation so that we can stop what is happening. It must not continue to contaminate the sea.”

SIBC Online is aware, East Makira Constituency owns MV Takana.

By: Allen Waitara


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