Met. predicts El Nino for Solomon Islands


A man looking out to the sea in the Ontong Java islands.

Solomon Islands must brace itself in the likely event of an El Nino onslaught this wet season.

Deputy Director of Solomon Islands Meteorological Services Lloyd Tahani said, the wet season is from November to April next year.

He said, the country expects drier weather than normal during the period.

But he said this does not rule out the possibility of cyclone.

“Cyclone will happen because it’s in the Western Pacific that has a forecast in tropical cyclone. We expect about four tropical cyclone and according to the history of Solomon Islands, we can expect one or two tropical cyclone in a year.”

Meanwhile, Mr Tahani said the current rain fall is associated with a moving trough over the country.

“Our current situation is that we have a trough or conversion zone that is here in the country now, and that trough involves wide areas of low pressure associated with cloud and rain.”

By: Fred Osifelo

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