AFP deliver firefighting equipment to RSIPF’s Fire & Rescue


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF)’s Fire and Rescue Service has received new firefighting equipment from the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Equipment that was handed over to RSIPF. Photo RAPPP Media

The essential equipment, worth about SBD$280,000, includes firefighting boots, gloves, torches, hoses, hose branches and a generator.  The gift from the AFP is intended to help the RSIPF when responding to fire, rescue and hazardous material incidents.

Inspector Gary Power, who is providing advisory support to the RSIPF’s Fire and Rescue Service under a secondment arrangement between the AFP and the Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW), delivered the gift. RSIPF Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau, received the equipment on behalf of the Fire and Rescue Service.

“We are pleased that officers in the Fire and Rescue Service will now have new firefighting boots and gloves that are important in protecting them from extreme temperatures,” Inspector Gary said.

He said the AFP is also delivering a new generator to help the Fire and Rescue Service with lighting during firefighting operations at night.

A RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service Officer trying out the new equipment delivered to them. These are officers who will use the equipment in their work.

Inspector Gary said he hopes the equipment will improve the work efficiency of the RSIPF Fire and Rescue team.  For instance, the new hose branches will enabled efficient use of water in confined compartment firefighting.

He said the equipment will enhance the readiness of the RSIPF in safely responding to future fire, rescue and hazardous material incidents.

The RSIPF Commissioner, Mangau, thanked AFP and the FRNSW for providing important equipment to their Fire and Rescue Service.

He also encouraged officers of the Fire and Rescue Service to take good care of the equipment and use them properly in their work.

-RAPPP Media

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