Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) has submitted in Court that Solomon Airlines Captain Ron Sumsum has no case against them.

Five of FSII’s trustees are facing one count of libel from Captain Ron Sumsum Vanuatu after postings and comments appeared on their facebook page about Captain Sumsum’s employment contract and the huge salary he reportedly earns.

The postings claimed Captain Sumsum is the highest paid CEO of any state-owned company in Solomon Islands and that he had influenced the Solomon Airlines board to keep him on the job for three terms now.

A trial was conducted earlier and after the closing of the prosecution’s case, FSII submitted there is no evidence to prove the case against them.

This morning they presented their submission in Court before Chief Magistrate Emmanuel Kouhoata.

FSII’s lawyer Chris Rarumae submitted the prosecution has failed to prove that FSII defamed Captain Sumsum.

Mr Rarumae claims the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that FSII unlawfully published the article about Captain Sumsum and that they had the intention to defame him.

He says the article was mainly about Solomon Airlines salary and it raises questions of issues that needs answers.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for captain Sumsum, Lily Ramo in response, submitted the defence should prove if the article was true and that it was written for the public’s benefit.

She reads several hate comments written by members of the public on the FSII facebook page in response to the article and says the hatred incited by the publication of the article has defamatory matter.

Ms. Ramo says the defendants should answer to the case against them and the submission of no case to answer be dismissed.

Chief Magistrate Kouhota will deliver his ruling Monday next week.

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