All domestic passengers required to show ID at check-in from 01 May, 2024

All domestic passengers required to show ID at check-in from 01 May, 2024

Solomon Airlines is reminding all travelers planning to fly domestically and internationally, to remember to bring their valid personal ID to show the airline’s staff at the time of checking in for their flight, or run the risk of not being able to fly.

“This is not a new policy for us, it has always been part of our Conditions of Carriage and is an important procedure for airlines worldwide, which we will be applying consistently from 1 May onwards,” said Solomon Airlines CEO Mr Sean Te’o.

“We continually review our practices and while this is not a new policy, it is our responsibility to apply it diligently to always ensure the person travelling is the person named on the airline ticket,” Mr Te’o added.

 From 1 May, all passengers flying domestically with Solomon Airlines will be required to present a valid form of ID at check-in, before they will be accepted for their flight.

Acceptable forms of identification include the following:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • NPF Card (Social Security Card)
  • Valid Student ID
  • Valid Company ID
  • Birth Certificate or Birth Notice
  • Medical ID
  • Voters ID

Solomon Airlines said children and infants will be exempted from ID requirement. Medical ID, Birth Certificate and Birth Notice are now added formally as another form of accepted required document.

Mr Te’o said verifying passenger ID at check-in is normal practice for airlines and is required for airline safety and insurance purposes, as part of duty of care, otherwise passengers are not covered in the case of emergencies.

“We also need to be able to clearly account for all passengers on board and to ensure accurate records of our travellers,” he said.

 “Unfortunately there have been an increased number of ticket fraud incidents.

“By having passengers identify themselves at check-in, we can avoid a situation where someone may be using another person’s ticket without their knowledge and ensure that passengers are covered by the airline’s insurance.

“This helps protect our passengers safety and the security of their tickets,” he said.

Solomon Airlines will  enforce checking IDs at airport check-in counters from 1 May.
The airline is also reviewing ways to make obtaining ID more convenient for more passengers .

For more information visit Solomon Airlines website:  under 8.1 as per below for clarification.


– Solomon Airlines Media Release

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