A panpipe group performing. Photo credit: SIBC.

A panpipe group performing. Photo credit: SIBC.

Preparations for the Ngarataniau Panpipe & Cultural Festival is on target.

Chairman of the organising committee Henry Star Dora says traditional panpipe groups from East & West Are’are, East & West Kwaio and Small Malaita are practicing for the first ever fascinating cultural show.

Mr Dora adds, his committee anticipates between 30 to 50 cultural panpipe groups to be part of the event.

He adds, Two cultural groups from North and Central Malaita and another from Marau in East Guadalcanal have also confirmed their participation.

Mr Dora says, the festival is to promote and enhance the region’s cultural heritage and identity which is becoming unpopular.

The Ngarataniau Panpipe and Cultural Festival is set for December 2nd to 5th 2015 at Afio, Small Malaita.

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