Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

A former politician has called on both the governments of Solomon Islands and Fiji to resolve the airlines saga as it has gone too far and only contribute to hardship for travellers between the two countries.

Former Member of Parliament for East Kwaio Alfred Sasako made the call yesterday, saying it is time the two countries resolve this issue as their Civil Aviation Authorities and the two airlines could not solve their mess.

Mr Sasako told SIBC News, the issue has gone beyond control and needs clear political direction from the top level.

“The issue has gone far beyond what they are capable of doing and I think they need clear political direction from their governments at the highest level. If it needs to send demarches or representation through a delegation to Fiji let it be so, because we cannot afford to let our country bleed as it is doing now as a result of the situation. This whole thing is simple to deal with. I think some people are trying to make an issue out of it because they are trying to drive their own agenda.”

He says it is time both countries reach a decision to the whole airlines impasse, after all both are members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

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