The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

The Kirakira Hospital will soon have a stand alone water supply source.

Makira Ulawa Provincial Health Director, Dr Arnold Nguduamae said landowners have agreed to allocate a water source near the hospital to supply the hospital.

Doctor Nguduamae explains, the agreement was reached following discussions between the provincial government, landowners, national director of Environment health, Ministry of Health and Medical Service and Kirakira medical staff.

“We have had discussions with the Provincial Government and the landowners to identify a nearby water source so that we could supply it mainly for the hospital, and during our discussions the landowners have agreed to allow assessments of the water to be carried out and if there’s a project it should start. They will also sort out matters between them and the Provincial Government.”

Kirakira Hospital was forced to scale down its operation due to water shortage since July.

It is understood, the new water source will address the long outstanding water shortage facing the hospital.

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