Government to commercialize Airport management


Honiara International Airport.

The national government is planning on putting all airports in the country under commercial management by the end of this year.

This was confirmed by Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela during his press conference after his return from Australia and New Zealand last week.

Mr Houenipwela said this was part of the government’s ongoing Airport reform and management program, aimed at improving tourism and airport facilities.

He said the New Zealand government had offered to fund the reform program with two million New Zealand dollars.

“The previous government have also been working on this reform for a number of years, and for a number of yeas we have been trying to work out how our airports can be managed properly, efficiently and much more cleaner,” he said.

“The work has been slow because of human resources and funding, but we are happy that the New Zealand government have stepped on board to fund this reform program.”

The Prime Minister also mentioned that a company was already been incorporated for the proposed reforms.

By: Lowen Sei.


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