Jeremiah Manele is the new Prime Minister of Solomon Islands

Jeremiah Manele is the new Prime Minister of Solomon Islands

Jeremiah Manele has been elected and declared as the new Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

Mr Manele was elected for the top job following the election of the Prime Minister presided by the Governor General Sir David Vunagi at the National Parliament this morning.

A total of 49 elected members were present during the election.

Manele polled a total of 31 votes while the other candidate Mathew Wale polled 18 votes. There is 1 absent.

Delivering his maiden speech, Mr Manele said he is humbled by the trust that members of parliament bestowed upon him.

He assured that he will discharge his duties diligently and with integrity.

“I will at all times put the interests of our people and our country first above all other interests”.

“Leading a nation is never an easy task. I ask that you remember me and your government in your daily prayers so we may serve as our Lord commands”.

Manele announced that the Government for National Unity and Transformation is working on its policies and 100 days program which will be announced soon.

A number of bills such as the Value Added Tax Bill, Special Economic Zone Bill, Mineral Resources Bill and Forestry Bill are ready to be brought to parliament.

The new Prime Minister’s immediate task now is to appoint a Cabinet.

“Our immediate task now is to appoint Cabinet and will do that in the next few days.”

“ The next business to attend to is the parliament meeting and all members of parliament will be taking their oath for electing the speaker and deputy speaker”.

Meanwhile, Manele thanked Mr Wale and his coalition group for their role in providing the checks and balances to the government.

“Whilst we may be on opposing sides, we all have one ultimate purpose, that is to serve our people and country”.

Manele was first elected into Parliament in 2014. He was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade in the 11th Parliament.

He is the Member of Parliament for Hograno Katova Havulei constituency in Isabel province.


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