Alleged suicide cases alarm Mbalasuna community

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force badge. Photo: RSIPF Media

Five reported cases of alleged suicide at Mbalasuna, East Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands within a two month period has raised great anxiety among chiefs in the area.

Former East Guadalcanal MP and Chief Steven Paeni reported, the trend these young people lost their lives is alarming and instills greater fear among families around Mbalasuna area.

Chief Paeni said the boys allegedly committed suicide in his area with the most recent case yesterday.

“We have a big concern. It’s almost like they are committing suicide every fortnight. It’s not natural and i don’t know what is its cause.

“And i am sorry to see this. Just yesterday, another one hanged himself at the school. All of them happened this year. So far, five of them hanged themselves here.”

He therefore called on police to investigate the cases.

“I am so worried and i want the authorities, the police and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services or whoever is responsible to come and try and investigate it.

“It’s only this year within one or two months. The police have the records, it’s not secret.”

While the cause of suicide is unknown, some common risk factors include- major psychiatric illness in particular, mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and substance abuse such as excessive alcohol use.

By: Allen Waitara 

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