Government lawyers’ strike notice ends today


Court hammer. Photo credit:

The Government Lawyers’s 28 day strike notice lapse today December 4th.

The Government Lawyer’s Association is seeking to improve the terms and conditions of all government lawyers- a long over due issue.

The association’s new President Kathleen Kohata told SIBC News Friday last week, they did not receive any change on the government’s position since issuing the notice last month.

Ms. Kohata says now more than ever, there is a greater demand for lawyers’ services in the justice sector.

“The different legislation you pass in Parliament, you need people to work on them. If the population grows there is an increase in crime you need people to work on them too.

“These are some of the challenges lawyers who work in the justice sector face. But our remuneration when you put it against the job itself is quite small and if we compare it with what is out there in the market, then Government legal service is not attractive.”

Efforts to contact Ms. Kohata late this afternoon for an update on the issue were unsuccessful.


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