Almost 14 per cent of Honiara drivers caught drink driving


Police testing a woman in Honiara. Picture: RSIPF

Almost 14 per cent of Honiara drivers who were tested for drink driving over a weekend earlier this month were over the illegal limit, Police have revealed.

Police revealed during a random breath test operation over the June 9 to June 11 weekend, a total of 14 drivers were charged out of about 100 drivers tested.


“We are using this as an example, as a reminder, to everyone, that people are still not getting the message,” RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley said.

“People are drinking and driving and the Police will be out there and will check your vehicles and will catch you.”

SIBC News understands drink driving has been a major cause of traffic accidents in Honiara.

The drivers caught have been summoned to appear before court.

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