I was wrong on RAMSI, PM admits

Prime Minister Sogavare.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has admitted he was wrong to have questioned the initial arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

In an exclusive interview with SIBC’s Moddie Nanau, Mr Sogavare commended RAMSI, for its tremendous contribution to rebuilding the country after the devastating effects of the ethnic conflict almost fourteen years ago.

As RAMSI prepares to leave at the end of the month, Prime Minister Sogavare said it had achieved its mandate.

“It’s all tick, it’s all tick,” he said. “When it comes to the security of this country for example we see the police action plan there already.

“We see the crime prevention plan there, we see the real the cost of running the police force there. So it guides us to how we can continue to sustain the good work of RAMSI when it leaves.”

During the interview, Mr Sogavare recalled that he was one of the few members of Parliament who strongly opposed the mission when it first arrived.

The Prime Minister was quite emotional when he admitted his initial opinion about the mission was wrong.

“I was first of all on the other side of the camp,” he said.

“I was very critical to the coming of RAMSI, questioning a lot of things to the extent of encouraging for us to go to Court and challenge the presence of RAMSI in this country.

“Looking back, oh I said it’s probably God leading in marvelous ways. We can only look back and say Oh thank you. Thank you to our friends.”

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