Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

Communities in Aorigi, East Makira have revived a traditional initiation ceremony from the 1950’s to prepare young boys for manhood.

Called the “Maraufu”, the traditional ceremony initiates boys to teach them to master the demands of manhood.

Speaking during the occasion on Friday last week in Aorigi, the Member of Parliament for East Makira, Alfred Ghiro urged people to continue to practise their traditions – saying, the ceremony “Maraufu,” is a unique identity of the Aorigi people.

MP Ghiro also said the occasion is very important because it demonstrates the commitment of the people working together to preserve their cultures and traditions.

Meanwhile, the East Makira MP says the Maraufu ceremony in Aorigi is a very important as it revives an important traditional ceremony which has declined in most parts of the Makira-Ulawa Province.

The East Makira MP Alfred Ghiro also said such ceremonies can have tourism benefits for the whole province.

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