Archers: Solomon Islands needs a proper home and modern equipment for Archery

Archers: Solomon Islands needs a proper home and modern equipment for Archery


By Alfred E. Pagepitu

Despite falling short in the qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games Mixed Team CGT, the Team Solomons resilience shone through, in day 2 of the World Archery Oceania-Solomon Islands Pacific Games 2023 at DC Park, east Honiara.

Janet Mamalu, a 35-year-old archer representing Team Solomon Islands, shared her experience after reaching the quarterfinals against Fiji yesterday.

Mamalu, making her debut in the 2024 Olympic Games Mixed Team CGT Qualification alongside teammate Captain John Ransford, unfortunately faced defeat with a final score of 17-15 in their last set against Fiji.

First time Olympian Archery Solomon Islands Competitors, John Ransford and Janet Mamalu

The intense match comprised five sets, with two won by Solomon Islands and three by Fiji. The teams each claimed two sets in the first four, and Fiji secured the victory with a two-point lead in the last set.

Despite the setback, Mamalu expressed pride in the team’s overall performance, especially considering competing against experienced Archers, including those from Australia and other Pacific countries.

Speaking to SIBC at the DC Park Archers field, Mamalu highlighted the historical significance of participating in such a tournament.

“Being part of this tournament is history for all of us in the Solomon Islands as Archers because, until now, we have never competed at 70 meters and 50 meters.

“We lack proper facilities, equipment, and venues, but we hope that after this game, the Archery team in the Solomon Islands will improve,” she stated.

Mamalu emphasized the challenges faced during training, where outdated bows and arrows were used.

She stressed the importance of matching equipment to Archers’ body sizes for comfort during competitions, making an appeal for support.

“Solomon Islands Archery needs a home and equipment for the next generation to train hard for future competitions, ” she urged.

While confident and hopeful of setting records in the individual competitions at the 2023 Pacific Games on home soil, Mamalu’s call for improved facilities resonates with the broader need for support in developing archery infrastructure in the Solomon Islands. –ENDS//

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