The nursery site at the GPPOL area in North Guadalcanal. Photo credit: SIBC.

The nursery site at the GPPOL area in North Guadalcanal. Photo credit: SIBC.

Security officers at the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited in Ngalimbiu, North Guadalcanal successfully chased away a group of armed robbers, who attempted to steal fortnight salaries of GPPOL workers.

The salaries were transported to the Guadalcanal Plains in two vehicles.

SIBC’s North Guadalcanal stringer reports, this is the second attempted armed robbery to have happened in North Guadalcanal in the last three weeks.

Dudley Gani reports the attempted theft happened at around 3pm on Thursday this week.

“Around 3pm in the afternoon when the two vehicles by which the GPPOL workers’ pay were transported arrived at Ngalimbiu, a dark tinted Rav4 vehicle drove up to the two vehicles and parked beside them when a masked man, armed with a bush knife, stepped out of it, worked over to the first vehicle and started demanding the GPPOL workers’ pay. Luckily it was transported by the second vehicle. Security officers were then alerted to the situation, who started stoning the tinted Rav4, which eventually led to the escape of the masked armed man”.

Gani also reported the first attempted armed robbery occurred three weeks ago.

“First armed robbery was successfully conducted three weeks ago in front of a bottle shop near the Bmobile tower at Okea. The robbers got away with 11 strings of shell money, beer and some hard cash”.

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