Auki and Langa Langa Lagoon, in pictures


Auki’s harbour in the morning

SIBC toured the gorgeous Langa Langa Lagoon and Auki town recently.

The capital of Malaita, with its “Wild West” style shop frontages, clean and fresh market and beautiful bay, is a welcome change of pace from Honiara.

While the Langa Langa Lagoon, famous for its artificial islands, shell money and ship building, is a sight to be seen.

Here are SIBC’s photos:

A ground of boys at soccer training on the beach near Auki Town

Lilisiana Village, which overlooks Auki harbour

Auki Island: an artificial island just off Auki town

The view from Auki Island back to Auki

A group of tourists on Ba’li Island

The beetlenut sellers in Auki

More soccer on the beach!

Auki Town

The view from Sereh’s Hideaway at Langa Langa Lagoon



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