Where the BSP Auki branch door was cut open by the robbers. Photo credit: Andie Shiar's Facebook page.

Where the BSP Auki branch door was cut open by the robbers. Photo credit: Andie Shiar’s Facebook page.

Police Officers in Auki are now on alert mode after robbers broke into the National Provident Fund branch and Bank South Pacific Branch in Auki over the weekend.

Serjeant David Selwyn confirms the latest break-in was estimated at the early hours of this morning.

He says a police officer on patrol around Auki this morning found out about the break-in.

“Just this morning about 9 am one of our Police officers discovered the break-in incident during his patrol, after which he reported the details to the office saying the culprits must have used a metal cutter to cut off the security mesh on the BSP bank door and using a kid to go through the cutting to open the main door from inside.”

The serjeant adds, after thorough investigations, nothing of value was stolen.

“We attended the scene and called the BSP Branch officer to attend see what happened. Fortunately, nothing was stolen and everything was intact except for creating a mess on the floor after which they took off.”

He further adds investigations continue.


Meanwhile, Serjeant David Selwyn says Auki police will be patrolling the Town to capture the perpetrators.

He made the comment after a similar break-in was done to the NPF Branch in Auki last Friday.

The serjeant explained the thugs broke into NPF building and tried to steal money from NPF’s cash box but the mission has failed.

“Just two days ago they also broke into the NPF office and struggled to run away with a cash box but it was too heavy and with disturbances nearby, they eventually took off without the cash box.”

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