Overlooking Auki town in Malaita Province. Photo credit:

Overlooking Auki town in Malaita Province. Photo credit:

The current power supply to Auki Township remains critical.

Solomon Power Chief Engineer Mr. Martin Sam confirms to SIBC News this morning, this is due to the fact that Auki Power Station lacks reserve supplies for its customers.

But Mr. Sam says a second power generator will be shipped to Auki this Thursday to stabilise the situation.

“The power situation in Auki at the moment is still critical because there’s no backup generator despite the fact that we’ve commissioned a new generator in Auki. Therefore, we are planning to ship another generator on Thursday this week to install and commission it so as to stabilize the power situation in Auki for a longer term so that’s what we are currently doing for the Auki township.”

SIBC News understands power was restored to Auki last Saturday.

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