Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

Solomon Islands only electricity supplier SIEA. Photo: SIBC.

Officers from the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) have met with community, church leaders and government workers at Malu’u, North Malaita, to determine the future of its operations in the region.

The meeting convened this week following a letter from the SIEA Management stating a Board Meeting on the 24th of this month will determine the future of SIEA in Malu’u.

SIBC Stringer in Malu’u, Lensley Kwaimani reports chiefs within the region expressed their need for the service to remain.

“In the meeting the chiefs raised points indicating their need for the service to remain in Malu’u. Among comments made at the meeting were that of Principal Administration Officer for North Malaita Mr Davidson Rara Damisulia, who said it is a mandate for SIEA to provide the service whether or not it is making any profit. He said the 16 sub-tribes of the Uala land on which SIEA is operating its service have disagreed that SIEA should stop its services to people in Malu’u.”

Lensley also reported, the Principal Administration Officer said ceasing electricity services to Malu’u would affect a total population of 56,638 men, women and children, plus other essential service providers in the region.

SIBC News understands, amongst others, the Malu’u hospital is one essential service provider in the region and plans are underway for it to have its own surgical theatre.

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