Early Childhood Education in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit: AusAid.

Early Childhood Education in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit: AusAid.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, MEHRD, Education Authorities and UNICEF have agreed on immediate priorities in response to the recent flooding in Honiara and Guadalcanal.

At the Taskforce for Education in Emergency Situation, TEES, meeting yesterday, it was reported, the damage to schools are painting a picture of a very serious situation that will take a good planning and a considerable amount of money to repair our schools.

The Government Communication Unit quotes the Education Ministry Permanent Secretary, Dr Franco Rodie, as saying “the priority is to make sure the drinking water and sanitation needs of evacuees in schools acting as Designated Evacuation Centres are being taken care of”.

Doctor Rodi says, the recent Situation Report confirms there are over 3- Thousand people sheltering in six Honiara schools with an additional 3- Thousand 5-Hundred at the Panatina Pavilion of the Solomon Islands National University.

The Ministry has allocated an immediate allocation of up to 400- Thousand to ensure these affected schools have water and sanitation needs met.

He says UNICEF is coordinating this effort with the Solomon Islands Government’s National Disaster Management Organisation.

Doctor Roddi adds, the Ministry’s ‘Education in Emergency Policy’ has set a challenge of ensuring that teaching and learning can continue during this emergency situation.

He adds, the Ministry of Education must immediately be able to commence a preliminary assessment of the condition of schools in the affected areas.

Doctor Rodi says, with the support of our Development Partners, the New Zealand Aid Programme and Australian Aid Program, we are able to mobilise our resources quickly.

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