The Bahomea House of Chiefs has been greatly encouraged by the recent visit of the Prime Minister to Marava in the Bahomea area.

As the host community for the Tina Hydro Project, the Bahomea region has been concerned at the potential effects and impacts of the Hydro, but the PM’s visit has given them reassurance-the government is serious about the project.

The Chairman of the Bahomea House of Chiefs , Mr Whitlam Kikolo said Bahomea and Malango are part of each other – when the PM visited Bahomea he was also visiting Malango.
He said, his people is very happy with the progress on land identification.

The Bahomea house of Chiefs has fully supported the Bahomea Land Identification Committee to identify the blocks and tribes in the core area of the hydro, using customary knowledge.
On the subject of disagreements and differences between Bahomea and Malango, Mr Kikolo said, these are matters for the two communities to address and must not be allowed to disrupt the good progress of the Tina Hydro Project.

He advised, communities of Bahomea and Malango should look forward to the positive developments that will be shared by all their people when the hydro is developed.

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