A man accused of attempting to rape his cousin sister-in-law has appeared at the Central Magistrate’s Court this morning.

The man from Ngella, Central Islands is also charged with one count of house break-in.

According to the prosecution, the woman’s husband came to Honiara, leaving her and their three kids in their Ngella village.

The woman was alone fetching food when the incident happened.

The defendant grabbed her from behind and tried to rape her.

She shouted for help and he was forced to release her.

The case was adjourned to go before a Principal Magistrate tomorrow.

Meanwhile, also appearing at the Magistrate’s Court this morning was another man charged with attempted rape and indecent assault.

The prosecution says the incident happened in January last year at the Rifle Range in Honiara.

The victim is a young woman in her late teens from Russell islands.

The defendant is seeking a bail application.

He will appear again tomorrow before a Principal Magistrate.

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