Battle of Guadalcanal 75th Anniversary – SIBC’s gallery


Check out SIBC’s photo gallery from today’s events to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal.

The scene at Point Cruz Yacht Club this morning

The US forces march in at the Skyline memorial 

A US soldier looks on as the US and Solomon Islands flags wave

A former soldier who served for the US in WWII lays a wreath.

Australian navy personal wait for the ceremony to start

US Navy personnel pose in front of the wreaths

A man tells the story of his relative who fount in the Battle of Guadalcanal to Australian media

The crowd at the memorial

A sea of white: navy personnel at the Yacht Club

Navy saluting at the Scouts and Coastwatchers memorial ceremony

Laying wreaths at the Scouts and Coastwatchers monument

Manasseh Sogavare arrives at the ceremony

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