Man arrested for gun possession in Western Province



Police Officers in the Western Province have arrested a male suspect for the illegal possession of a firearm during an early morning operation today at Tinge Village, in Marovo.

Police believed the suspect was in possession of the skeleton barrel of a World War II 303 rifle with no cocking handle, no butt but with a magazine without any ammunition.

Provincial Police Commander, Western Province, Mathias Lenialu said that with the help of the local community, his officers were able to surprise the suspect in the operation , resulting in the confiscation of the weapon and the arrest of the suspect.

“The operation was successful without any use of physical force because of the cooperation received from the community and the courage and confidence of my officers, “ he said.

“The rest of the police officers involved in the operation are continuing with their investigations at Tinge Village.”

The suspect is now in custody at the Seghe Police Station.


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