Bintang accused of meddling with domestic politics

Bauxite mining on Rennell. Photo: new York Times.

The Bintang Mining Company (BMC) in Renbel province has been accused of meddling in the province’s domestic politics as a new executive awaits formation.

Provincial Assembly Member for Mugihenua, Dorry Tuhaika alleged he was offered two-hundred thousand dollars and a Hilux by BMC’s General Manager, Fred Tang to switch allegiance in a bid to form an executive of their liking.

The alleged bribery attempt occurred at BMC’s office at the Hyudai Mall last Thursday evening.

Mr. Tuhaika said he was going public with his story as he will not tolerate dirty politics orchestrated by doggy businesses operating in the province.

Meanwhile, members of the 10-member provincial assembly will take their oath of allegiance on Tuesday in Honiara ahead of the Premier’s election at Tingoa Provincial Headquarter at a later date.

A group of members camping at the Honiara Hotel, led by veteran MPA, Lance Tango of West Tengano, and his frontman MPA for Kanaba Ward on Rennell, Eric Saueha are in strong contention to form the next Executive for the province.

Renbel Provincial elections were finally held on 26 June due to logistic issues.

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