Wale calls on Govt to fix Honiara water issue


Honourable Matthew Cooper Wale. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Parliament.

It is totally unacceptable that the capital city of a country should go without water for an extended period.

It is especially deplorable when mismanagement is involved.

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Group and Member of Parliament for Aoke Langa Langa, Hon. Mathew Wale was talking to SIBC News on the issue of frequent water shortage experienced in the capital city.

“This is totally unacceptable, I don’t know what the Prime Minister thinks about this, it seems that they don’t think this is a serious matter,” he said.

“This is a grave concern to all Honiara residents, and to our overseas friends who might find this a bit odd that a capital city could go without water for that extended period of time, which is not due to natural disaster but mainly caused by mismanagement.”

Mr. Wale said the Government should now look into alternatives as it had been a long time problem in the city.

“The Government should find ways to assist Solomon Water in purifying water so that even though we have mud in the source, we still have clean water,” he said.

“It is obvious that Solomon water cannot handle this issue on their own, especially with finance, and this must be the government’s priority.”

The Solomon Water had over the weeks closed down its water supply to the city to avoid high turbidity.

By: Charlie Salini.

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