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DPP in awkward position over Mua case

admin- March 13, 2019

Former Member of Parliament for Savo/Russells , Dickson Mua. Director of Public Prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa says, the absence of Albert Wong, a key witness ... Read More

Mua’s trial adjourned, key witness sick

admin- January 28, 2019

Former Member of Parliament for Savo/Russells, Dickson Mua. A key witness in the prosecution case against the former MP for Savo/Russell Dickson Mua was absent, ... Read More

Govt progresses RIPEL revitalization strategy

admin- October 8, 2018

Yandina Station, part of the RIPEL assets on Russell Islands The government strategy to revitalize RIPEL operations has now expanded into a cross sectoral approach ... Read More

Five people missing at sea near Russell Islands.

admin- June 1, 2018

Russell Islands. Search continues today for a missing boat at Russell Islands with five people on board. Police Commissioner Mathew Varley told local Journalists, an ... Read More

Coconut rhinoceros beetle threatens Russell Islands plantation

admin- March 7, 2018

An example of a coconut tree ruined by the coconut rhinoceros beetle The largest coconut plantation in Solomon Islands and the southern hemisphere is becoming ... Read More

Biosecurity teams mobilise against coconut rhinoceros beetle

admin- December 7, 2017

An example of a coconut tree ruined by the beetle The biosecurity department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is sending teams to several islands ... Read More

Savo Island should be Solomons’ tourism hub: elder

admin- October 15, 2017

A sandy beach on Savo near the entrance to the climb up Savo's volcano Savo Island in the Central Province should be development to take ... Read More