Seventeen builders contracted to build the Honiara City Council’s Dental Hospital Project are claiming their termination was unlawful.

Spokesperson for the group, Casper Diau told SIBC News today, according to Labor Laws, an employee should be notified of his or her termination within two weeks, or a month.

Mr. Diau claims the builders did not receive any notice of their termination from the Honiara City Council and that this is illegal.

“Our termination does not follow Labour Act requirements: that if you relief anybody, it must be for a reason and if at the end of a contract you have to give them a two weeks or a month’s notice before terminating their contract, and because the City Clark is still on holiday, it is not clear whether he was the one serving us with the notice”, he said.

Casper Diau also said they are planning to take legal action against the Honiara City Council for their termination.

“I want the authority to carefully review this termination because we are going for justice, everyone must face justice whether you are an authority or what because this termination is unfair”, said Mr. Diua

SIBC News understands contracts for the seventeen builders were terminated on January 6, this year.

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