Bus association calls for clean vehicles, standard fares


Public buses at the Honiara City Council office yesterday

The interim Honiara Bus Association has urged bus owners in the city to comply with the Honiara City Council’s new ordinance and improve the conditions of their buses.

The association’s spokesperson, Walter Maesugea, said the newly formed bus owners’ taskforce that he is heading welcomes the city council’s move to set standards for bus conditions as part of their licensing requirements.

Bus owners should follow the rules on bus conditions included in the ordinance announced last week, Mr Maesugea said.

“What we want to remind all of our members is for the owners to tell their drivers and conductors: ‘Go back and clean the inside of your bus. Look after yourself, clean yourself, wear good clothes,'” he said. “People will have a choice now, which is good that customers will have a choice.”

Mr Maesugea also asked bus drivers and conductors to refrain from increasing fares for passengers as he said the taskforce will address any issues related to the ordinance with the city council.

He said drivers should start collecting data for the taskforce to analyse and use to justify their demands.

During an unauthorised protest held by bus operators yesterday, Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua said the city council will continue to enforce the ordinance on bus destinations and will grant only 30 buses a licence to operate in the city.

By Lowen Sei 

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