CBSI warning on scams during this festive season

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is again warning the general public to be careful over personal finances, or your cash money from shady schemers and scammers going around this festive season.

Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) headquarter. Photo Supplied/CBSI

There are current reports received that indicate certain groups and/or individuals plotting and scamming people off their hard-earned money, by using CBSI to legitimize their scams or scheme activities.

CBSI re-iterates its stern warnings again to the public to be careful over people going around asking you for money. 

CBSI wishes to inform that there are two current scams, namely the on-line “prize winner” scam sent through FaceBook Messenger, and fake coin dealer scam currently taking place.

Some individuals are going around to solicit money from people to invest in such schemes. 

Please be advised that CBSI has not granted any form of license to any such activities or to groups/individuals to deal with coins in the country. Unless this practice is formally authenticated, it is simply a scam activity designed to lure people.

The other on-line “prize-winner” scam is designed to obtain personal information from the general public, so if you have been contacted as a winner and directed to claim your prize money from CBSI,please be advised that this is simply a scam.

CBSI is calling on the public to help stop these kinds of scam activities or quick money-making schemes by simply informing the CBSI officers over phone on 21791, or send a quick email to

-CBSI Press

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